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What is dWeb and Are There Any Benefits Associated?


Considering potential blockchain applications are endless, in our today’s article we would like to dig into the idea of a decentralized web, or dWeb, how it is different from the current centralized internet and some potential benefits. This won’t be a material talking about the cryptocurrency market, but one that will provide a new concept which in the future, could contribute to the rethinking of the internet.

What is dWeb?

In a centralized web, every operation takes place around the server. The internet would not be able to exist without it, but in a decentralized web, everything will revolve around the blockchain. Put into a different perspective, the user will be at the core of the internet functioning properly. A shift from central search engines, chat/email, audio/video content, has the ability to finally make the internet in service of the user.

dWeb or Web 3.0 is the third iteration of web technology, where services are distributed and even smaller players can take back control from big tech giants. It is an ongoing progression for the digital culture, and at the same time, a return to the traditional values of the traditional web: autonomy, creative expression, and decoupling from commercial interests.

Benefits of dWeb

The internet as it is today facilitates global data collection and implicitly, a reduction in users’ privacy. Governments and big companies are using the data for “national security” or commercial “purposes”, leading to sometimes interfering with the intimacy of people, not something many fancy a lot.

However, in a dWeb, peer-to-peer communication and encryption, enhancing users’ privacy and increasing online freedom. Although a certain degree of centralized control will be needed to prevent illicit activation from happening, the level of privacy will be far greater than what it is today.

Ultimately, a decentralized web will put an end to the current monopoly of big tech companies, one that had put a lot of power into the hand of a few names. To make dWeb a reality it will take willingness from the side of the government and the private sector, as well.

At present, there are countries like China that want to become global leaders in the field of blockchain. The problem is that due to their top-down approach, it is very unlikely they’ll give up control over the internet anytime soon. Also, in the Western World several companies hold monopolies in the tech industry, and giving up influence won’t be something easy to do.