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Toon Finance Surpasses Fantom BAT ENS Before ICO-Presale

Toon Finance Surpasses Fantom BAT ENS Before ICO-Presale

United States – Toon Finance outranks Fantom BAT ENS before the presale. This new token project excels in its first presale round against BAT ENS.

Tool Finance is a new project introduced this year, and this project has already made a name in the space of decentralized finance. ToonFi aspires to be one of the biggest presales of 2022, bringing crypto community members from around the globe.

Tool Finance is a decentralized token built on the blockchain of ERC20. These tokens have surprised the world by bringing crypto members together for massive digital asset gains. The Crypto market experts stated that Toon Finance would exceed coins like SHIB and DOGE. It now has a total supply of a billion coins, where 50% of this billion will be in presale.

Tool Finance will drop the NFT project, introducing their “toonies” in the “toonieverse.” It’s something that trades will not miss out on. The initial 1,000 members will have a chance to receive an airdropped NFT. It means they can be a part of the Toonie squad for free.

We are sharing some tips on how you can participate in an ICO or Initial Coin Offering presale once this project opens the sale.

A crypto ICO is a fundraising event where blockchain-based projects sell their underlying cryptocurrency tokens, exchanging these for Ether or Bitcoin. In other cases, the project can also accept fiat currencies.

An IC presale is also called a private sale. It’s the time before the launch of ICO when discounted altcoins are available for investors to buy. The funds during the presale will finance the marketing and development of the crypto project until it reaches the main event. Participating in a presale will allow investors to be a part of the project at an early stage, and it will reap more rewards down the road.

You will need an account to participate in this presale, and the account should be with a digital asset exchange supporting the project’s token. Once you have the account and have funded it with either Ether or Bitcoin, you can trade tokens.

The team will declare how many altcoins are available for sale and the cost when the presale begins. You can place your order to purchase these tokens at the stated price. Afterward, you will receive altcoins in your crypto exchange account once the order is fulfilled, and you can hold it as an investment. However, keep in mind that not all have a presale phase. Other projects prefer to launch their ICOs to the public.