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Get in on the ICO featuring the Ether Legends blockchain trading card game.

The advent of cryptocurrencies has brought upon us a new era for technological development even outside of its nature oriented towards the economy and the many political debates it has sparked. Its underlying platform, the blockchain, has been widely acclaimed due to its uses outside of cryptocurrencies and it has seen as a concept that might modernise several aspects of the world. However, it’s now looking to change an unexpected one.


Yes, gaming. Trading cards, to be more precise.

Enter Ether Legends, a decentralised trading card game for collectors and gamers that connects physical trading cards to the Ethereum platform, to achieve the merging of both physical and digital assets. That gives the opportunity for players to compete online with the transformation of their physical trading cards, to digital trading cards.

The decentralisation of the Ethereum platform and the token system provided by Ether Legends will also give players full ownership of the digital content.

While players will still make use of familiar gameplay mechanics such as developing characters while evolving their abilities and attributes, the game will form a bridge between traditional gaming and modern technology by allowing for all of this over the Ethereum Blockchain.

To power the Ether Legends ecosystem and to make rewards and transactions possible, the company has developed their token. An ERC-20 coin named Elementeum (ELET), it will be used by players during matches and to perform trades inside the game’s marketplace.

To promote liquidity and distribution of the ELET token, as well as to raise funds for final touches on the platform before its release, Ether Legends is hosting an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The sale goes through April 4th, 2018.

An ICO is a popular crowdfunding method made possible by blockchain technology, and it consists of the same principles as traditional Initial Public Offerings in stock markets. In ICOs, a company offers a part of the tokens that will be used in their platform at a low price for early investors.

If you’re interested in acquiring tokens on their ICO, here are the steps to do so:

  1. Procure a crypto wallet. There are several different wallets online, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem. Ether Legends recommends the Metamask wallet.
  2. Once you have your wallet and can access your accounts, acquire some Ether, Ethereum’s cryptocurrency. That can be done through any exchange, such as Coinbase.
  3. Select the “Send” option on your wallet. When prompted to enter an address, enter Elementeum’s (0x79c59c24465fc3cc92e6419d4b59fdd285d874cf).
  4. Sending less than 0.03 ETH will cause the transaction to fail. Similarly, no address is allowed to contribute more than 100 ETH; thus, doing so will also fail.
  5. Once completed and the transaction has been verified (which can take some minutes), your wallet’s address will have ELET assigned to it.
  6. Now, you’ll need to add the token to your wallet. In Metamask’s case, you’ll have to select “Add Token” and paste the following address:  0x6c37bf4f042712c978a73e3fd56d1f5738dd7c43.
  7. After doing so, your wallet will display the amount of Elementeum available for you.
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