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Trade Exchange Offers Low Fees And No Deposits Fee

In a world where financial setups are shrouded by mystery and charges for services rendered are exorbitantly high, investors have a hard time working around the quicksand of middlemen and intermediaries, who take a significant portion of any profit made.

Even if one sets aside the hidden fee, the transaction and deposit fee are so high that small investors cannot take part in the bigger trading platforms.

LOWERING FEE THROUGH TECHNOLOGY is a Swiss startup that has its roots in the trading sector. With a past in high-level capital and forex trading market, the team has a history of developing successful brokerage and has a firm FXPRIMUS that does more than $180 Billion worth of transactions per year.

The new platform is developed keeping in mind the issues and lack of transparency faced by investors in different trading systems. The company looked towards Blockchain technology that is transforming every sector of industry and finance.

With the adoption of Blockchain, gives its users a completely transparent working environment. Every transaction and contract for trade is made public and can be viewed by anyone to ensure that there are no hidden charges or unwanted fees.

The decentralized nature also means that the resources to run the platform are quite low compared to the traditional centralized systems. This further reduces the cost of operations and that is reflected in the trading fee.

The third advantage is the ability of prevention of theft and destruction of data. With each node carrying a complete copy of all the data, it is not possible to manipulate it or cause a point of failure, making it very secure in less amount of financial input compared to others.

The adoption of the Raiden network also allows for further lowering of the fee as it is an efficient design that increases transactional speed as more users join the network.

Another cause for lowering the fee is the platform’s internal ERC20-compliant token, the TOI. Specifically designed for the platform, it banks on the Raiden network’s speed to transact immediately with minimal charges to the transaction parties.

A platform that is based on Blockchain, the main concept of which is to have a transaction at the lowest fee possible, the platform allows for deposits in a user’s wallets from outside the network without any fee of any kind, be it fiat or cryptos. is a trading platform like non-other, designed keeping in mind the user.