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Why You Won’t Learn to Trade Crypto from Books

learning crypto from books

Although the title might be misleading at a first glance, theirs is something wrong when it comes to people thinking that they can learn how to trade cryptocurrencies by reading a few books. Now don’t get us wrong, books are very efficient when it comes to understanding how the blockchain works. That’s the main reason we have a material on the top 5 books on cryptocurrency.

What do you learn from books?

Reading a few good books on cryptocurrencies will be a very good start, especially if you don’t have any knowledge about the industry. It will provide an introduction into the field of crypto, but that does not mean after reading them you’ll be able to trade cryptocurrencies like a pro. Just because you’ve understood how the industry work is not enough.

As we’ve seen in the big four of cryptocurrency investing, we must think as investors do, meaning there is a process involved and each process is formed by a series of skills. Knowledge itself won’t help you trade crypto, but how you use that knowledge in order to build a system that:

  • Fits your daily schedule;
  • Makes sense and has concrete rules for making trades;
  • It is suitable for the amount of money you can allocate.

Next steps after reading books

If you’ve already gone through a series of books and you think you’ve managed to understand most of the basic stuff, then you can go to the next level. Find people that are already trading cryptocurrencies, whether it is on Youtube, their own blogs, Facebook, etc. Make sure they are not scammers and provide, on a constant basis, proof about their trading performance.

Video content is more appropriate for learning how to trade, simply because you can see live how an expert does it. At the same time, it stimulates both your visual and auditive memory, meaning you’ll be able to accumulate information faster.

Although you’ve read some books, the education does not end and side by side with video content, industry blogs, news websites, and online forums, are other interesting places where you can find plenty of free information about cryptocurrency trading.

In case you can afford to invest some money in your education and pay for some good online courses or private mentorship sessions, all the better because that will accelerate even further your learning curve. You’ll notice that finding quality information is not such an easy task, that’s why you must make sure you follow people that truly have an insight into cryptocurrency trading.