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Cardano and Ethereum Recommended for Long-Haul Holding

Cardano and Ethereum Recommended for Long-Haul Holding

An article published online this week by The Motley Fool suggested investors hold Cardano and Ethereum for the long term. The latest improvements in these two cryptocurrencies were detailed, giving investors the key insights to help them consider investing their funds in these two crypto-assets.


We have learned so much about Cardano and Ethereum being among the top-10 best cryptocurrencies in the market today. By reading and sharing The Motley Fool’s latest online discussion about these two virtual currencies, we think our readers will obtain some useful ideas about where to best park their cryptocurrency investment funds starting this year.


According to the informative article posted online by The Motley Fool, which is a private financial and investing advice firm based in Virginia, United States, Cardano and Ethereum appear poised to outperform over the long term.


The online discussion indicated that this fact comes despite the recent challenges in the cryptocurrency market. The following significant information explains what makes Cardano and Ethereum excellent methods to wager on the long-term trends:




Cardano trades at exactly US$1.11 at the time of writing, per the trading price information posted on It has a market capitalization of over US$35 billion.


Cardano and Ethereum are dissimilar and apart at this point, with the former still lacking Ethereum’s name recognition. Nevertheless, the developers of today’s sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization are constantly improving the Cardano platform, making up for what the crypto-asset lacks versus Ethereum with technical capabilities and superior speed.


Additionally, Cardano is keeping up with the competition by already having a proof-of-stake or PoS validation system capable of handling approximately 250 transactions per second, compared to Ethereum. 


This January, this platform has procured its first decentralized finance or DeFi exchange, SundaeSwap. This project of the Cardano network facilitates users to trade cryptocurrencies and earn interest on their holdings without needing a centralized intermediary.




Ethereum is a strong cryptocurrency brand founded in 2015 which has a market capitalization of almost US$292 billion and trades at exactly US$2,495.41 at the time of writing. This virtual asset represents a staggering 19 percent of the cryptocurrency market’s capitalization.


Ethereum has expanded blockchain technology’s possibilities by permitting users to program self-executing smart contracts to make decentralized applications or dApps. 


Moreover, the decentralized exchanges where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and digital art markets are these autonomous programs that have made Ethereum a household name among virtual currency investors.


Ethereum 2.0 is an update through which Ethereum is working to improve its technical capabilities. This feature makes the blockchain more environmentally friendly and scalable.


According to The Motley Fool article, Cardano and Ethereum are assured of riding the rebound in the cryptocurrency market even if it is impossible to determine at this point when this latest dip will turn around. It is because of these two virtual assets’ active development communities and robust branding.


We agree that the virtual currency market is notoriously volatile and marked by several high-profile crashes taking place since its inception in 2009. We suggest readers try to invest their funds in Cardano and Ethereum as the crypto-asset sector faces a rough patch at this time. 


We think they will benefit from these two cryptocurrencies’ intact long-term prospects and blockchain technology’s unceasing development. We also believe buying Cardano and Ethereum for the long haul is ideal because we think they can aid investors in preserving their wealth, especially at this time of spiraling global inflation.