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Why Trade Exchange has a Real focus on education

Technology is advancing at a fast rate. There is always something coming up while most of the trends die very fast. For any company planning to invest in technology such as blockchain, being a step ahead of the rest is crucial for relevance.  Today, it is about democratizing and decentralizing networks but what’s next? The truth is something new and disruptive will undoubtedly come up. team is not naïve to this fact, and that is why they have shown interest in research and more so focusing on education. The company announced that they would work with the University of Nicosia, popularly known as the Bitcoin university.  They will be sponsoring an incubator by funding two post-doctoral seats at the university with a special focus on advanced Distributed Ledger Technology. In particular, Trade interests are in developing and implementing side-chain and cross-chain interoperability.

But Trade’s investment in education is strategic. It has a lot to do with company’s expansion and future prospect. The investment will impact on the company’s objectives in the following ways:

  • Improved Research

First, the company recognizes that for a democratized or decentralized system to work, the success of the distributed ledger technology is equally crucial. It is true that a lot of research must be put in place to improve the performance of blockchain technology. However, most of the start-ups have been unable to go around Distributed Ledger technology and more so to foresee its future potential. Not many companies have in their whitepaper, any plan for improving the technology either. knows very that investing in research is crucial for its survival. And the best way is by funding the best brains the market can offer.

  • To Improve Human Resource

Second, the company knows for sure that having the best human power is critical for its future. By partnering with the university, the company will be able to identify the best brains in blockchain technology and put add them to its pool of experts. For instance, the company will be funding the post-doctoral level of education. With only the best individuals making it to this level, there is no doubt that the company will be harvesting the best brains from the market. That guarantees a bright for the company and more so for the investors. The company’s future is assured, and this includes investments by traders.

  • For Market Dominance

Third, has eyes on dominating the financial and crypto market. The team envisions to building a platform that will democratize the financial industry than ever before but also to remain relevant a very long time. But the continued dominance will be determined technology advancement, and that’s investing in education is critical. If the project is a success, the coin value in the market will rise significantly to be among the top cryptocurrencies in the world. That means high gains for all that invested in their ICO.

With this program, Trade future prospects are secure. That should give investors the confidence that the product will maintain relevancy for many years.