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What is Orvium?

Orvium is an open source and decentralization network that aims to revolutionize the access of scholarly publications. Over the years access and publication of the scholarly work such as research have always been a challenge. Dissemination of scientific publications have been a problem and thus stalling the growth of scientific knowledge. That is due to the high cost of accessing research work and inefficiencies in the scientific publishing industry. But with this platform, the team is working toward realizing a platform for managing scholarly publications’ life cycles and associated data using blockchain technology.

As an open source protocol and decentralized platform, Orvium works by eliminating the need for the central controls such as publishers of the scholarly publications. The platform works by connecting the user of the scientific work to the author, or the researcher can directly link with buyers/readers in a peer to peer basis.  With Orvium, authentic scientific work is shared in real time. All activities including submissions, peer reviews, copyright, revision and user license changes are publicly available thus improving transparency. That is achieved by the use of smart contracts technology.

Orvium began as a platform that could help in alleviating inefficiencies and biases of the publication market. The access of scientific publications is extremely expensive that hinders scientist from getting inspiration to come up with new ideas. With the ultimate objective being to become leading publication platform, the team behind the network used blockchain to improve transparency and cut the cost of accessing scientific work. Orvium is the only platform offering thus no competition.

The Team

Orvium is an invention of Manuel Martin, Antonio Romero and Roberto Rabasco. They are the founders and the brain behind this platform. The inventors have vast experience in ICT and blockchain innovation which cumulatively adds to decades. They have worked for high end IT companies worldwide and have handled similar successful projects before. Martin is a blockchain expert and the senior leader of the project. Romero is a data engineer while Rabasco is an application and cloud technology expert. The team is everything they need to accomplish the project.

Investing in Orvium Token

Just like most of the upcoming blockchain platforms, you can invest in Orvium by purchasing their tokens. ORV is the name of Orvium token. The company has supplied a total of 379M tokens, but only 227.4M will be available for sale which translates to 60%. The price of one token is equivalent to $0.01, and thus everyone interested in this project can afford to buy some tokens. The token will be distributed openly, safely and fairly from users’ transactions- be it readers, journalists or institutions.

Although the project has a tremendous potential if implemented correctly, there are some shortcoming that anyone investing in it should think carefully. However, they do not make the project less viable. First, the platform is said to very weak partners compared to most of the upcoming blockchain platform. Second, academics tend to be very slow, and thus the implementation of the project might take time but having no competition gives the platform an edge in the market.

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