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Bitcoin Trade Token to be Listed on HitBTC Exchange announced the launch of its collaboration with HitBTC Exchange, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, which exceeds more than half a billion dollars a day and has been operating since 2014.
It has recently completed the PRE-ICO period that has resulted in more than $ 10 million in financing, is proud to offer its trusted partners this added value for continuing the company’s intention to co-operate with high-caliber blockchain members. will announce quickly when the market sign is on the market (or TIO, which will be mentioned in HitBTC exchange). TIO will work in contradiction of the counters, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)

On the list, Executive Director Jim Preissler, he noted. “ committed at the beginning of the sale of token managers are an important market within 30 days of the ICO, with the possibility of announcing the change of list respected as HitBTC even before ICO, is very satisfactory, but we have so far achieved our success with our amazing community and I will be happy to give you this news.
CPB HitBTC Paul Clarkson said: “It is no secret that HitBTC is highly selective in the chips and currencies that we will mention, we have strict criteria and require a lot of dedication before the bid expands, we are pleased with Tio further. and build a long-term relationship. “

After successfully completing pre-ICO has collected more than $ 11.3 million from more than 4.000 participants. According to, is currently the fifth ICO with the best performance in terms of Ethereum’s contribution. ICO starts December 5th.

About is an innovative trading platform for Blockchain that will break the financial ecosystem and democratize the markets. Platforms use peer-to-peer trading to support a wide range of assets and launch their own cryptographic currency, TradeToken, which will be available for purchase via the ICO on November 7, 2017.
Our vision is to have the largest commercial liquidity trader (TIO) of the company’s owner, TradeToken. Our mission is to become the leading platform for attracting more financial resources to the market based on blockchain technology.

About HitBTC

HitBTC is a global trading platform with multi-currency support, which is operational since 2013. The Digital Property Market, Coin and ICOS offers a wide range of tools and stable working hours.
Platform development began with a € 6m-based investment agreement based on collaboration between software developers, financial experts and experienced operators. The basic tuning engine is one of the most advanced technology products in its class and offers innovative functions such as real-time erasure, advanced job comparison algorithms and is recognized due to its tolerance to failures. , availability and high availability.