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This Innovative Company Is Adopting Blockchain To Better Cater the Underserved Generation of Chinese Travellers

What kind of traveler are you? The word ‘travel’ is often used in a broad sense to mean a temporary vacation, usually somewhere where alcohol is served and the sun is shining bright. This definition doesn’t apply to everybody, though. That’s what makes travel beautiful: the way you travel could be completely different from the way your parents travel, and an entirely different experience from how your parents traveled.

While there is no objectively superior method of exploring the world, not all flavors of travel are treated equally among the major travel platforms. Sites like TripAdvisor, Ctrip, and Expedia provide a central hub to find popular things to do in the destination of your choosing.

As great as it is to check out a renowned museum tour, or a famous monument validated by thousands of people, there is a rising generation of travelers who crave the experiences found beyond the gates of intentionally presented resorts. This generation seeks a taste of authentic cultural experiences unique to their destination as opposed to migrating simply for superior weather.

Travel platform WEGOGO caters to the young, adventurous Chinese traveler by providing access to local, authentic travel experiences found on islands around the world. This demographic doesn’t want to spend a week laying around on the beach, they want to experience their destination through surfing lessons, or other fulfilling activities. The numbers show that outbound tourists in China will rise to 220 million in 2025, from 120 million in 2015. Contrast this to the total number of U.S. outbound tourists, measured at just 68 million in 2015.   

The small local travel providers found on the WEGOGO platform offer incredible experiences to immerse oneself in a new culture. The current platform offers only a glimpse of what the final product will look like. The launch of the WeGold (WGD) token will facilitate the growth of WEGOGO into a massive database of noteworthy off-the-beaten-path type of travel experiences meant to satiate the desires of the rising generation of travelers.

There are three unique actors within the WeGold ecosystem: PathFinders, WEGOGOers, and Travel Aspirational Service Providers (ASPs). PathFinders are the travelers themselves, who will be rewarded for creating and uploading content to the WEGOGO platform. WEGOGOers are travelers and users on the platform who use WGD to make purchases on the platform. Finally, ASPs are the suppliers of aspirational services that deliver unique travel experiences in exchange for WGD.

The WEGOGO mobile app is already available on iOS and WeChat, with the Android release soon to follow. Notable upcoming accomplishments present on the company’s roadmap include the launch of the PathFinders program in Q4 2018, the implementation of the blockchain Incentive and Rewards System in Q1 2019, and the rollout of a blockchain transactional system in Q3 2019.

The WeGold ICO is likely already live by the time you’re reading this, but it’s not too late to participate. A total of 3.4 billion tokens (of the total supply of 10 billion tokens) will be made available for sale at a price of $0.037 each. There is no maximum purchase cap, but a minimum purchase rule of 0.2 ETH is in place. The project has a hard cap of $88 million USD.

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