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Forex & CryptoCurrency Hedge Fund For Professional Investors

Countinghouse, a foreign exchange direct hedge fund that uses mathematical techniques and coded algorithms to make profits from a volatile forex market. Their mission is to use forex techniques and apply it in the world of cryptocurrency since cryptocurrency is more volatile than fiat currency. They aim to maximize investors’ profits by application and management of trading methods to the cryptocurrency markets.

Why was Countinghouse fund being created?

Countinghouse fund was developed for many reasons, but their core value is to inform and direct future practices. These values are responsible for guiding the business decisions that counting house use in launching their cryptocurrency. The core value for privacy is maintained through their ICO re-structure. Their core value for privacy is to maintain investors’ privacy, allows their funds to perform arbitrage and cut out the excess delay in turning fiat currency to cryptocurrency.

Ways to earn counting house Tokens

 Countinghouse uses different strategies to ensure that investors get high returns and make profits from their funds. Countinghouse tokens have already sold $4 million worth of tokens to investors. They are looking to raise around $2million to execute high volume trade. So investors will be able to purchase countinghouse funds from the various cryptocurrency exchanges.

How Countinghouse fund Works

Their foreign exchange algorithms are being continuously updated as the cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow the exchanges to capture the volatility of the markets. So cryptocurrency exchanges will be able to take their currency and perform double-sided arbitrage trading. Their funds have been active on the most popular exchanges, and these funds will allow new investors to set up trading accounts.

Investing in Counting house

There are numerous advantages for investing in counting house

-Their team is experienced to be able to transfer skills over to the cryptocurrency exchanges.

-Counting house is an established business with a tested and working product.

-Their algorithm trading models have outperformed fiat currency in forex trading market over the past 12 months. Also, their fiat exchange earns up to 100% per annum.

Crypto-tokens allow investors to take full ownership of their profits without any middleman.

Risks of Investing in Counting house

Investing in counting house can be risky. These products are not suitable for everyone. The products may result in the loss of your deposits. It is advisable only to invest the money that you can afford to lose. Counting house is not subject to any tax laws. So don’t depend on your past performance when making future trading. It is best to seek independent advice before committing your funds.

Who Invented Counting house

Tim Dawson is the founder and inventor of countinghouse funds. He has a good background in computer and mathematics. He employs his mathematics skill to the world of forex trading. Mike Promery is the director. He has formal training in psychology, research statistics. Other team members include Steven Pogacic. She is the Real world Ethics manager. Elizabeth Simons is the HR manager. The CEO and the entire counting house fund team have a decade of experience in trading on the cryptocurrency platform.