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4 Useful Pointers for Nervous New Cryptocurrency Investors

4 Useful Pointers for Nervous New Cryptocurrency Investors

Nervous new cryptocurrency investors may feel enticed to engage in virtual currency investing as a fruitful endeavor, seeing many others realize their success with these crypto-assets these days. However, they usually feel stressed out with the idea of pouring their hard-earned investment funds into cryptocurrencies. 


After all, the crypto-assets carry risk, and this fact makes nervous new cryptocurrency investors anxious about buying them. We found this article published in The Motley Fool yesterday, Sunday, January 16, 2022, and we immediately felt enticed to read it.


We think this informative discussion will ease the fears of our readers, especially those who are nervous new cryptocurrency investors as they navigate the world of virtual currency investing.  


According to the educational article posted online by private investing and financial advice provider The Motley Fool, cryptocurrencies can be volatile yet could end up being money-makers for nervous new cryptocurrency investors.


The following four helpful tips can aid them, especially those who feel anxious about the idea of investing in crypto-assets:




Having considerable sums of money set aside for emergency scenarios is a favorable technique for nervous new cryptocurrency investors. This method aids them in avoiding the need to sell their cryptocurrency holdings when their investment is down, or its value declines.


These investors can tap their robust savings accounts in a pinch or fall back on them. The fully-loaded emergency fund involves sufficient money covering three to six months of essential bills.


Additionally, nervous new cryptocurrency investors may want to hold off on buying or investing in virtual currencies if they have not yet hit their emergency savings goal.




It is a good bet for nervous new cryptocurrency investors to commence small when it comes to risky investment assets like virtual currencies. They could pour a few hundred dollars rather than sink thousands of dollars into these digital coins and then see where that action gets them.


Moreover, nervous new cryptocurrency investors can begin putting more funds into their crypto-asset investments over time if they can handle the ups and downs of these virtual currencies.




Nervous new cryptocurrency investors will highly likely regret their decision to pour all their investment funds into virtual currencies. After all, the cryptocurrency market can be immensely volatile. 


These investors could end up with losses as they sink too much money into the crypto-assets. Therefore, it is advisable that they make sure their investment portfolio is well-diversified, which means owning some cryptocurrencies, bonds, and a bunch of different stocks at the same time.


This recommended arrangement prevents nervous new cryptocurrency investors from getting negatively affected if their cryptocurrency investments’ values plunge. It is because these virtual coins are merely a portion of their investment portfolios.




There are 16,851 cryptocurrencies at the time of writing, with a market capitalization of exactly U$2,073,018,356,811 per This fact means nervous new cryptocurrency investors can potentially put their investment money into a few coins.


It is advisable that they invest in different cryptocurrencies and not just the popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and so forth. 


In this way, if one of these cryptocurrencies’ value plummets, but it is just one of the five crypto-assets an investor owns, the latter’s investment portfolio’s value would not drop quite drastically if the other crypto-assets hold steadily.


We understand that investing in cryptocurrency can make nervous new cryptocurrency investors break out into a sweat. We believe they can engage in virtual currency investing with less stress with these four helpful tips.


We also think these four best insights can help nervous new cryptocurrency investors handle the cryptocurrency market’s volatility and eventually effectively reap its financial benefits.