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Renowned Canadian Jewelry Company Now Accepting Cryptocurrency payment

Canadian based company Birks Group announced that it would start accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. The company will partner with crypto-platform Bitpay to roll out the cryptocurrency payment system.

The move has been deemed bold considering that the jewellery retailers will be accepting Bitcoin payments from stores in eight different locations in Canada. The company remarked that cryptocurrency payments would be taken for any given product or service. The partnership is also said to come as an achievement for Bitpay. The cryptocurrency platform will be credited for offering service to a single business operating in multiple locations.

Bitcoin Payments Allowed in Multiple Locations

Bitpay is revolutionizing retail services and giving cryptocurrency fanatics every reason to smile. Shopping for expensive jewellery is now possible using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) in all selected Birks Group locations in Canada.

“This is only the beginning. We are going to integrate other stores too. Our company is the first to the luxury retailing store to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment,” read a statement from the Canadian-based jewellery company.

The move was noted to be a significant step for the company towards preparation for the future. The company’s chief commercial officer Sonny Singh was also quick to add,” Since we are a growing international brand, it makes perfect sense to incorporate unlimited payments options for our clients.”

Breaking Payments Barriers

Some jewellery operating retailers have incorporated cryptocurrency as a mode of payment to ensure that their international clients are not left out. The future for cryptocurrency is unpredictable, but despite that, some business owners have been very enthusiastic and optimistic about it.

Businesses, especially in Europe and the US, are keeping in line with technological advancements by incorporating digital currency payment. For many, digital currency is the future and Birks Group becomes the latest business entity to join the bandwagon.

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