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TIP Blockchain Launches Private Sale Through June 15th With a 200% Bonus

June 6, 2018 — TIP Blockchain, an innovative ecosystem that allows users to easily use crypto in the real world, has officially launched its private sale. The sale will include a 200% bonus and run through June 15th. The amount of tokens sold will be limited to 5% of the token supply (which translates to approximately 1500 ETH). The private sale price will be 1 ETH/30,000 TIP compared to 1 ETH/10,000 TIP in the crowd sale. Currently only 4% of tokens remains in for this round.

TIP aims to empower users to tap into the 25 trillion dollar offline transaction data market by creating an ecosystem that allows users to easily use crypto in the real world and provide businesses with ability to understand, attract and acquire users in the offline world that’s never been possible before. The company does this in three ways:

  1. One-stop-shop platform where both users and businesses can easily transact in crypto without leaving the platform.
  2. Discovery blockchain where businesses can translate the offline transaction data of users into nuanced understanding that will find untapped way of engaging with them in day-to-day transactions.
  3. Allowing users to be compensated for sharing their data which further opens the ecosystem to richer and more nuanced data that hasn’t been accessible before

By creating a proper incentive ecosystem for users to share their offline data, TIP will discover countless ways where users and businesses can creatively interact. This includes both adoption and discovery. The former by creating a one-stop-shop platform for businesses and users to seamless use crypto in the offline world and the latter by releasing a blockchain that stores and enables development of tools and services on the offline transaction metadata.

TIP Value Proposition

  • Token Model Tailored for Adoption – TIP’s incentive system that makes it attractive for users and vendors to constantly spend and be active on the platform
  • Reducing Volatility via Dual Token Model – TIP’s dual token model that reduces volatility and allows users to easily use TIP in day-to-day transactions
  • Discovery of Offline Data – TIP’s ecosystem that incentivizes users to share their transaction data and Creators to develop something that allows discovery of new ways users can interact with businesses

Partnerships and Product

TIP has built strong partnerships with key players in the blockchain industry including Bancor, Coinfirm, Iagon, Trustroot, and more. In the coming months TIP will be focusing on building exchange and vendor partnerships.

TIP is currently building the mock up of their first phase product – A chat wallet that will make sending and receiving TIP drastically simpler compare to the existing processes by transforming long addresses into human readable usernames and creating a familiar chat interface where users can easily send and receive TIP. TIP plans to release the prototype in the coming August.

After the public version of the app is released in Oct, TIP will complete the merchant side user interface that will allow businesses to manage transactions.


TIP’s talented global roster of team includes:

  • John Warmann (Founder & CEO): John is a seasoned software developer and entrepreneur who has experience of building multiple software startups before. He is also a blockchain developer with a in depth knowledge about how to utilize blockchain technology for the pain points of today’s world.
  • Garlam Won (CSO): As a former investment banker for JP Morgan and management consultant for Deloitte, Garlam is an expert on taking small companies into the global markets. Garlam is also a thought leader in the blockchain space voicing out his viewpoint at major blockchain conferences in Asia, Europe and US
  • Jasper Hellmann (Advisor): Jasper is a high-performance marketer, Co-Founder and CMO of decentralized mining solutions provider, Envion AG, which raised $100 million in their ICO.
  • David Sabo (Advisor): As the former head of global operations at decentralized VC platform,, David has experience helping blockchain startups successfully become high growth companies.
  • Jared Polites (Advisor): Jared is a Partner at Blockteam Ventures and a blockchain marketing advisor. He has worked with over 45 ICOs, raising over $300M. Some notable projects include Elastos and Patron. Previously, he led marketing/PR for Ardent Capital, a leading VC firm in Southeast Asia and incubator of aCommerce ($100M raised).

In the coming month TIP will be meeting various investment and marketing partners to start establishing market recognition in the crypto world. TIP will be traveling all over the world on a roadshow to build communities and increase exposure of the project.

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