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STR Capital Broker Review

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STR Capital is a  CFD broker showing commitment to providing a safe trading environment, relying on a variety of security protocols to keep money and personal information protected from unwanted threats.

Established in 2020, STR Capital brand is a financial services provider offering its services worldwide, without any restriction.

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Experts Viewpoint

To meet the demands of various traders, STR Capital provides access to forex, crypto, indices, commodities, stocks, ETFs, and bonds. With a broad selection of instruments, clients can find trading opportunities across many markets and build a balanced portfolio, so the risk will be easier to manage.

Diversity is one of the key characteristics of STR Capital since traders can not only choose from different asset classes but several account types as well. To reach a wider audience, the broker offers access to the following account types:

BASIC account – requiring a minimum €500 deposit and offering access to trading alerts, up to 10% loyalty bonus, trading signals once a day, up to 10% insurance level, daily market review, and account manager for up to 2 weeks.

SILVER account – for at least €10,000 in deposit, traders will benefit from some extra features like advanced charts, loyalty bonuses, and insurance level up to 20%, savings account, on top of some of the features offered for a basic account.

GOLD account – gold account holders will benefit from exclusive updates, up to 30% loyalty and insurance level, unlimited support from an account manager, and access to a group of analysts, on top of the previously-mentioned features.

PLATINUM account – up to 60% loyalty bonus and insurance level, 3 times a day trading signals, and money management.

DIAMOND account – up to 80% loyalty and insurance level, alongside all the features available for a platinum account.

MILLIONER CLUB account – these clients will benefit from the most upgraded features, including up to 100% loyalty bonus and insurance level, unlimited trading signals, money management, group of analysts, savings account, exclusive updates, and many others.

With so many trading accounts and trading instruments, alongside a wide range of trading tools integrated into the trading platform, STR Capital wants to provide optimal trading conditions for its customers.

Unique Trading Features with STR Capital

  • Access to thousands of instruments, including forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, stocks, ETFs, and bonds.
  • Proprietary trading software compatible with any device.
  • Up to 100% loyalty bonus and insurance level, depending on the account type chosen.
  • Assistance from account managers, group of analysts, and daily market reviews.
  • Price alerts, trading signals, and exclusive updates.
  • Money management and savings account.
  • Variety of security protocols designed to keep safe funds and personal data.
  • 24/5 customer support service.

STR Capital features

STR Capital Trading Software

Contributing to the innovation of the trading is one of the core values at STR Capital, the main reason why the broker relies solely on a proprietary platform, instead of on a solution already existing in the market. Depending on each trader’s tastes, this could be both an asset or a liability. However, building a new platform enabled the broker to integrate the features needed by traders to trade optimally.


STR Capital trading platform

Live TV and news will keep clients updated with the latest market developments. They can also set price alerts, view the gainers and losers for the day, and well as visualizing the recent trading account activity. Deposits can be made directly from the platform. Flexibility is ensured given clients will be able to adjust platform settings.

All in all, the platform integrates all a trader needs to perform in the market while having a simple and intuitive structure. As a web-based trading software, it can be used on any device, desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet, via the browser.

STR Capital Deposits and Withdrawals

STR Capital offers access to multiple account funding options. Credit/debit cards and internet payment options are the fastest and can transfer funds into a trading account within seconds or minutes. When it comes to wire transfers, the process could take up to a few days, and there’s a deposit fee charged for each transaction.

For withdrawals, traders can use the same method as for the deposit, but need to pass an identity verification procedure, due to the AML and KYC Policies in play at STR Capital. Additionally, the ability to make withdrawals can be conditioned by any deposit bonus or trade compensation. Terms and conditions apply, requiring trades to complete a certain turnover before being eligible for a withdrawal.

Trader Support

Traders working with STR Capital can get in touch with a representative via the support email address or the phone number provided by the broker. At the same time, all clients get assistance from an account manager, which can assist with a wide range of issues.

Is STR Capital Safe to Use?

Several aspects recommend STR Capital as a safe online trading brand. Firstly, clients get access to professional financial advisors to help them grab the most lucrative investment opportunities. Also, there’s a variety of security protocols designed to protect both personal data and funds from unwanted threats. Lastly, the proprietary trading platform is an effortless trading software allowing traders to trade anywhere and anytime with uniform trading experience, backed by some of the latest trading technologies.

STR Capital Review Conclusion

STR Capital had developed a trading offer available for customers all over the world, with the main purpose of democratizing access to the financial markets. Clients working with the broker can trade currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, ETFs, bonds, and commodities with up to 1:400 leverage and benefit from some of the most enhanced trading features.

With solid security measures, STR Capital wants clients to rest assured and focus on their trading activity. Also, given the wide array of trading tools beginners and experienced traders can find trading opportunities on their own, or benefit from the assistance provided by account managers, or the group of analysts, working daily to serve customers. Overall, the broker is committed to the highest trading standards, willing to constantly upgrade its

STR Capital
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Product Name: STR Capital

Product Description: STR Capital is a CFD broker showing commitment to providing a safe trading environment, relying on a variety of security protocols to keep money and personal information protected from unwanted threats.

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STR Capital is a CFD broker showing commitment to providing a safe trading environment, relying on a variety of security protocols to keep money and personal information protected from unwanted threats.

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