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Findings show a strong relationship between crypto advocates and life extension

Bitcoin historians will remember that the early crypto pioneer, Hal Finney, believed in life extension and chose to be frozen in cryopreservation. A good number of well-known blockchain advocates are also convinced that technology, may one day, in the future extend the life of humans.  

Crypto enthusiasts and believers in life extension go hand in hand these days. The Chief Science officer of SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence), Aubrey de Grey, talked about the relationship between an extropian philosophy and blockchain technology proponents. Extropians are people who believe in the philosophy of life extension through improving technology. The British biogerontologist, de Grey explained that many other blockchain luminaries have donated to SENS research, which studies and develops regenerative medical therapies.

Donations towards the course

The Pineapple Fund gave SENS $2 million in bitcoin last year. Moreover, the inventor of the Ethereum network, Vitalik Buterin, donated $2.4 million. The regenerative medical therapies organization raised another $4.1 million in crypto this year in addition to the pineapple fund donation. De Grey further revealed that a few anonymous donors have given SENS $1 million per individual and other crypto personalities are lone-term donors.

A few anonymous members of the digital currency industry have also donated to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation and its cryonics research. On Aug. 28, 2014, Hal Finney’s body was taken to Alcor and he was the company’s 128th patient. Hal paid for his crynogenic process through a combination of life insurance and bitcoins donated by admirers. In another instance of the strong relationship between crypto-advocates and the philosophy of life extension, the entrepreneur Brad Armstrong donated $5 million in crypto this year to Alcor research and dedicated the dedication to Hal Finney’s memory.

The cryptocurrency magnate Robin Hanson, another member of the Alcor Foundation, believes future generations will be able to unfreeze him after the crynogenic process. Hanson thinks it will be very easy in the future.

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