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Cryptocurrency simulator allows players relive the last 10 years of Bitcoin

Crypto Crisis, a new cryptocurrency simulator game allows players to relive the last 10 years of Bitcoin. The simulator game allows players to experience the Bitcoin network from the year 2009 to date. The recently launched game is designed by tech giants Armoured Beans.

In the game, players spawn back to 2009 where they begin a crypto mining operation with the option to improve mining equipment and sell Bitcoin throughout the duration of the game. The game was released as an early access game meaning it is still under development but gamers can have a feel of the game as it develops. Two major updates were released by Armoured beans on the 16th and 28th of November. The updates improved the game’s mapping system and added new utility models.

“You fall into debt with very little to your name and decide to venture into cryptocurrency to turn your life around. The game allows you to compete for and increase your share of block rewards through building and upgrading acquired mining rigs while carefully managing your resources,” reads the developers summary of the game.

Similar games

The Bitcoin-based simulator game is similar to other simulators like Civilization by Sid Meier and Sims by Will Wright. The games have a similar concept, but Crypto Crisis allows users to manage energy consumption, data facilities, and mining rig outputs. As the game progresses, users get entitled to an array of features which improve their mining operations. New maps and additional space to accumulate Bitcoin miners are just but some of the features that players unlock as they proceed with the game.

Game features

The game starts miners off with a basic central processing unit (CPU) that helps users mine coin. Shortly after, a player can upgrade to a graphics processing unit (GPU) and then the next generation application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) machines.

Currently, the game has four 3D maps for over 20 different mining areas. The game also offers an array of mining rigs to choose from alongside 170 CPU, GPU, and ASIC equipment.

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