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Crypto Exchange Review

Cryptency Review



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General Information

Founded by a team of fintech professionals in July 2017, is a relatively new crypto exchange platform provider that tries to address one key issue of the cryptocurrency market: how can someone find a liquidity provider that brought all exchanges and coins together into a stable and liquid trading environment?

In August 2017 Cryptency launched a margin trading platform for the first and by September the same year, it signed its first crypto brokerages. The team behind the company includes names like Sami Mana (Co-CEO) and Itali Novak, both with 10+ years of experience in the fintech industry.

Services and Cryptocurrencies Supported

Cryptency is actually a cryptocurrency platform provider which claims to be a leading market provider, providing a few different crypto trading solutions:

  • Exchanger – a dedicated technology for people who want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with no commissions or fees.
  • Coindex – a web and mobile trading platform with more than 800 tradable assets with direct order routing to all major cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • CRM – a smart and integrated CRM that helps to manage customers and introducing broker relationships with smart conversion funnels, integrated KYC checks and procedures.
  • Liquidity – Cryptency offers to its clients liquidity, aggregation, execution, and customized marketing solutions. This service is ideal for broker-dealers, fund managers, or professional traders.
  • Feed – with the aggregated liquidity feed from top tier crypto exchanges (Poloniex, Kraken, or Bitfinex) clients get unparalleled access to cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptency Operations

What clients need to understand is that Cryptency is a full brokerage solution, suitable for people who want to start their own cryptocurrency brokerage website. At the present time, the Cryptency platform is being used by brokers around the world, with 400+ brokerages founded by the founding team behind Cryptency.

This is an effective solution for cryptocurrency trading since it’s completely customizable and comes with advanced charting and analytics tools. It also supports multi-screen view with detachable charts, alerts, news, research, and multi-threading for hyper speed, among other features.

Customer Support

Cryptency’s headquarters are located in Limassol, Cyprus and the company can be contacted via the email provided on the website, as well as using a mobile phone. People who want to find out more about their offer could as well fill in a “Contact Us” form available on

Geographical Restrictions

There is no elaborate information on which countries are being supported by Cryptency, which means the company offers its services on a global scale. They do, however, mention that US-based citizens are not accepted.


In conclusion, Cryptency is not a cryptocurrency trading platform like most of the others, but a provider of a series of services that are being used by 400+ brokerages around the world. The Exchanger, Coindex, CRM, Liquidity, and Feed are the company’s main services. All of this is appropriate for people who want to start their own cryptocurrency trading platform and would like to do it on top of an already-built infrastructure. It’s also worth mentioning that we did not find elaborate information on the company’s website and that’s a slight minus.

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